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orangery with French doors


The ultimate investment in your home, a SupaLite tiled roof turns your conservatory into a luxury space you can enjoy all year round.

We provide conservatory roof replacements all across the Isle of Wight!

Many conservatories (especially older models) are notorious for being rather cold during the winter and akin to a greenhouse in summer; not to mention the deafening sound the rain makes when it drums down on the roof.

The roof of your conservatory is a major contributor to heat loss. So what’s the solution? We believe the answer lies in the SupaLite Tiled Roof – a contemporary, stylish, thermally efficient system with excellent insulating properties.

SupaLite Roof Internal view

A Supalite roof turns your conservatory into a true extension

A SupaLite roof will help your conservatory stay nice and cosy all through the year, so you can start using your space as you would any other room of your house!

interior of orangery with roof lantern

Fully insulated roof and
plastered inside ceiling

The SupaLite Tiled Roof’s thermally efficient and hardwearing properties are not just down to the excellent materials used, but the excellent method of installation, too.

Modern orangery extension

Reduce your
heating bills

Less heat loss through your roof means lower heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint. So you can enjoy a warmer home for less – all whilst benefiting the environment.

Large conservatory extension

Complies with
Building Regulations

You shouldn’t need planning permission (though it’s always a good idea to double check). SupaLite Roofs meet all building regulations and are insurance approved.

Modern kitchen with roof windows

Provides high levels of insulation and energy efficiency

Enjoy more comfortable ambient temperatures in any weather

Looks undeniably stunning

The Supalite system has been engineered and tested to meet all Building Regulation requirements for insulation and energy efficiency

Transforms a summer conservatory into a year-round extension

Less heat lost through your roof means you save on heating bills

Could add significant market value to your home

The key benefits to the SupaLite Tiled Roof System:

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